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Coping with a Difficult Birth Experience and Where to get help

The Birth Trauma Association Leaflet

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Leaflets, Letters and Journals

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy information leaflet  BTA leaflet on one of the most effective treatments for Postnatal PTSD
Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing BTA leaflet on EMDR another recommended treatment for PTSD
Third- or fourth-degree tears during childbirth
An informative leaflet produced by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) - Published Nov 2008

Useful Publications from Irwin Mitchell -

PN PTSD leaflet
Our PN PTSD leaflet provides basic details of Postnatal PTSD and how to get help
Hospital records leaflet
Our hospital records leaflet provides details of how to obtain copies of your maternity notes.
Fundraising Ideas 
Some interesting ways that might help to raise funds for the BTA.

BTA Papers

BTA Conference Handout - 2nd June 2005
An Introduction to Post Natal PTSD
Post Natal PTSD
Our brochure on Post Natal PTSD provides a full explanation of the condition and summarises the main research in this area. It contains comments from women about their experiences.
Read Professor Felicity Reynolds brochure and have all your questions answered.
'Another Pregnancy?'
Read our brochure containing practical suggestions for dealing with a subsequent pregnancy. It contains articles by Dr Helen Allott (obstetrician), Dr Susan Ayers (psychologist) and Mary Hopper (midwife).

Articles Written for the BTA

Independent midwife Laura Abbott writes about the importance of control in childbirth and the distress caused by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Malcolm Dickson, Consultant Obstetrician at Rochdale Infirmary shares his experience of dealing with women who request caesarean sections, often after having had a previously traumatic childbirth experience.
Sheila Kitzinger has written an article detailing the link between previous sexual abuse and traumatic birth experiences entitled "One reason why a Woman may Dread Birth".
Karen Hillyer from the Erb’s Palsy Group writes about their valuable work.
Veryan Cooper is studying to be a hypnotherapist/psychotherapist and has a special interest in PTSD as she has suffered PTSD herself. Veryan has written an article about 'coming through' PTSD entitled I love daffodils – a journey through PTSD. Read the article here
Some new mothers bond with their babies easily. Others find the process much more difficult. Baby Bonding advocate, Monic Joint, reveals it’s never too late to start forming a life-long connection with your child. Read more here

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