As we come to the end of Birth Trauma Awareness Week, we wanted to showcase some of the amazing blogs our members have created to talk about their experiences of birth trauma. Unashamed and unafraid, these women’s blog posts about traumatic birth do so much to bring out into the open stories which are too often hidden away. Honest, frank, sometimes heartbreaking, always inspirational these blogs resonated so strongly with us that we wanted to share them with you. #BreakTheSilence

Read Sarah's blog, Every Mum Should Know, here.  Sarah's post I had a Shit Birth. Here's Six Reasons Why I Really Want Others to Know went viral during Awareness Week, receiving more than 100,000 hits. 

Read Ali’s blog post here and follow her as she seeks to raise awareness by sharing her story.

Read Emma’s post on birth trauma here, on her website Free From Farmhouse where she blogs about parenting, food allergies and countryside living

Lindsay’s blog, Have You Seen That Girl, tells her stories from the frontline of motherhood and recovering from postnatal depression. You can read her post about the birth of her son and her own mental health here.

Kerry’s blog post on birth trauma was featured in the Huffington Post. You can read it here, and follow her on Twitter here

Read GhostWriterMummy’s blog here, where she writes about pregnancy, parenting and birth trauma

Check out Samantha's blog, Never Enough Time here for stories shared about the joys and challenges of mothering and parenthood

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