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How to Donate

Mother and Baby

"If I told my Health Visitor how I was really feeling they’d take my baby away from me…"

Support By Email

Information Last Updated: 05-Oct-2015
We have several women (and men) who are prepared to listen and offer support. They are not trained counsellors but they do have a willingness to show you that you are not alone. They have also suffered personal experiences which enable them to sympathise and understand your situation. All our supporters offer their time voluntarily and not in any professional capacity.

Contact other Mums
You can also contact other mums who might have suffered in the same way as you (perhaps with a physical injury from birth or with a problem with baby’s health).

Our volunteer supporters include:

  • Anna is trained Counsellor who has experienced Postnatal Depression. She is willing to offer free face to face counselling in Oxfordhsire and Buckinghamshire although she has offered signpost elsewhere.  Please contact Anna at:
  • Julia is happy to have email contact to support mums who have had traumatic experiences with premature babies. Julia can be contacted on:
  • Martha suffered trauma after birth - PTSD - and she is happy to offer support for women who wish to share their experiences. Email Martha
  • Nick’s fiancée developed pre-eclampsia which progressed to HELLP Syndrome when being induced. Eighteen months later they are still coming to terms with both post natal depression and birth related PTSD. Nick is open to any form of contact at

Contact other mums

Many women email us asking to be put in contact with women who live close to them or with women who might have suffered in the same way as them (perhaps with a physical injury from birth or with a problem with their baby’s health). In addition, researchers might want to contact women directly for help in connection with the study they are carrying out.

If you would like to appeal for help directly to other women, let us know and we will put your request on this page.

  • Gabie had a traumatic birth with her first baby in 2012, when she was induced, given an epidural, had a ventouse delivery, suffered a 3rd degree tear, uterine atony, followed by a massive pph of 2.5 litres for which she needed a transfusion. Gabie was deeply traumatised by her experience, however with counselling, CBT, BWRT, Craniosacral Therapy, some bravery and armed with hindsight, baby number 2 was safely delivered by planned cesearean section last week. The experience was much more positive and Gabie would like to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences.     Contact Gabie at:
  • Lisa: I had a long traumatic birth starting with induction and ending in emergency c-section. I'd really appreciate talking to other mums who found induction or emergency c-section traumatic, those who were forced to spend part of labour on their own because it was outside of visiting hours and those who had a negative experience being flooded with visitors immediately after a traumatic / exhausting birth. Please contact me on:
  • Have you experienced Symphysiotomy? This is a surgical procedure to effect an immediate dramatic increase in the size of the pelvic outlet to permit delivery of a baby. The cartilage of the symphysis pubis (where the pubic bones come together) is surgically divided in the procedure which can be a life-saver for the baby. If you would like to others who have experienced symphysiotomy, please contact Helen at enquiries.
  • I'm 25 and have a six year old boy with cerebral palsy, he was born after a very traumatic birth (my 2nd traumatic birth), we live in Dartford, Kent and haven't got any other children as yet and I would like to make contact with other mums in the same position. Please contact Kelly via enquiries.
  • I am 37 and following a difficult delivery am left with bad vaginal and
    uterine prolapses. I have already had surgery, within 18 months of the
    birth, and expect to have more operations in the future. I would love to
    chat to others who have developed a prolapse at a young age. Contact enquiries to get in touch with Susannah.
  • If you would like to make contact with someone else who has experienced faecal incontinence following childbirth please email enquiries.
  • Trudi would like to meet other mothers who have suffered PTSD in the Southern area. Contact her at enquiries.
  • Do we have any mums in Northern Ireland? We have 2 mums looking to find others so please get in touch with enquiries.
  • Lisa is suffering from Tokophobia (fear of childbirth) and would like to make contact with other women who have this problem. Contact Lisa at enquiries.
  • Rebecca is suffering from Tokophobia (fear of childbirth) and would like to make contact with other women who have this problem. Contact Rebecca at enquiries.
  • A couple of mums who have had hysterectomies as the result of a very traumatic birth experience have asked to be put in touch with others in the same situation. Please get in touch with enquiries.
  • We have 2 mums who would like to get in touch with other mums who have had a baby that suffered brain injury during birth. Please get in touch with enquiries.
  • Rebecca would like to contact other women with tokophobia and speak to women who have had tokophobia but been through a normal delivery. Contact
  • Charlotte's first labour involved a long and distressing induction
    which eventually resulted in a traumatic emergency caesarean. She
    hired an independent midwife for her second birth and despite doing
    everything possible to achieve a home vbac she ended up with another
    emergency caesarean and developed PTSD. Charlotte is happy to be
    contacted by anyone who has experienced a traumatic birth, especially
    women who have gone on to have subsequent traumatic deliveries despite best-made plans. She can be contacted at:
  • Amy suffered PTSD after her first daughter was born by emergency
    c-section. Her epidural was not fully effective during surgery and she also haemorrhaged requiring a transfusion. During labour with her second daughter, Amy had a uterine rupture resulting in another c-section and blood transfusion. Amy would like to get in touch with other women who have experienced uterine rupture, particularly during a VBAC attempt. Please get in touch with enquiries.
  • Have you experienced a 4th degree tear? Hamsa would like to speak to other women who have experienced the same thing. You can email Hamsa at:
CONTACT BY POST: The Birth Trauma Association, PO Box 671, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 9AT
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